‘Gumpara aims to produce world class wines of the highest quality from our 7th generation family estate vineyard’.

Single Vineyard Barossa Valley Wines

All Gumpara Wines are sourced from our family owned 7th generation single vineyard at Light Pass, Barossa Valley, South Australia.  The grapes are sourced from the vineyard and selected from precise sections where the fruit quality is highest.

Gumpara Terroir

Soil type and Geology – Own rooted vines are grown in a rich red clay, pink marble and ironstone on a limestone base.

Vineyard Aspect

The vineyard was planted on the North eastern hill slopes of the Barossa Valley displaying cool crisp gully winds during the summer evenings to keep bunches cool to assist in optimal fruit ripening.

Row Orientation

Vineyard plantings are orientated in an East West direction so the daily sun track is over the top of the vine canopy which is ideal in the prevention of sunburn and sun exposure to the bunches.

Traditional Wine Grape Varieties

The three main traditional wine grape varieties grown include Shiraz, Grenache and Semillon.

Table Wines

Traditional wine grape varieties of Shiraz, Grenache and Semillon play an important part in our wine making.  Fruit generosity, careful oak selection and maturation is the main focus on our Shiraz.  Varietal expression and the ability to age and develop in the bottle are the attributes sought in our Shiraz, Grenache and Semillon.

Gumpara Fortified Wines

To complete the Gumpara stable, we also have a selection of fortified wines.  Without the luxury of beginning with old based wines, we set upon, making our own fortified bases in the late 1990’s, for what is now a trio of fortified wines.  Using only the highest quality fruit, careful diligent wine making practises and the selection of the best fortifying spirit, this gives the consumer a choice of three rare and truly unique Australian fortified wines.

Heres to fine wines & tight lines!

Our aim is to produce high quality wines that display and reflect the character of the winemaker and of the land from which our vines are grown.  To leave you wanting for nothing more, than perhaps landing a nice fish every now and then.